Mobile Bank loans cheaply for 10 years

People who borrow larger amounts often look for cash loans with the longest repayment period.

Many such bank customers assume that the installment should be as low as possible

cash loan


It is worth remembering that a long loan period does not exclude the possibility of paying back the debt earlier. Unfortunately, many domestic banks limit the repayment period of cash loans, e.g. to 7 years – 8 years.

Therefore, the “cash” market offer with the longest loan term (10 years) is quite poor. Fortunately, a new and very interesting proposal has recently appeared on the market. I am talking about a promotional cash loan from Mobile Bank .

The “cash” commission will be reduced by 50% or even 100% 

cash loan


The mentioned promotion of a cash loan from Mobile Bank deserves attention because it is very simple and devoid of “hooks”. It can be used by people who currently do not have and previously did not have a cash loan from Mobile Bank. As part of the promotion, which lasts until June 11, 2019, Mobile Bank offers such people much lower installments. The decrease in cash loan costs results from the reduction of the commission fee by:

  • 50% – in the case of a loan up to USD 50,000
  • 100% – for a loan of more than USD 50,000

If, apart from a reduced or zero preparatory commission, we take into account a rather low interest rate, then it turns out that the promotional cash loan Mobile Bank is one of the best offers on the entire market. Calculate the installment for yourself »

The customer will extend the loan for free or repay the debt early

cash loan


The promotional cash loan offer from Mobile Bank stands out not only with the low cost of borrowing funds. It is also worth remembering that the said bank offers a very different repayment period as part of a cash loan (from 3 months to 96 months / 120 months in the case of loans minimum value of USD 30,000).

The promotional loan from Mobile Bank will interest people who need both very small (minimum USD 500) and large amounts (maximum USD 150,000). Attention should also be paid to the option of choosing a repayment day and free extension of the loan period. Importantly, Mobile Bank does not charge any commission for early repayment of a cash loan.

This is an individual loan proposal prepared on the basis of the client’s previous cooperation with Mobile Bank – addressed to clients whose creditworthiness examined by the bank enables the granting of the requested credit limit.

This limit may be changed because its amount is updated on a regular basis. If the client is married without divorce, a loan above USD 70,000 gross (including costs credited) requires the consent of the spouse who he will sign in the facility. If we assess your creditworthiness positively, you will be able to receive a loan.

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